Needs-Based Requests for Support

Applications for support from this needs-based initiative closed on July 15, 2020. Recipients have been notified and were selected based on applicant qualifications, extent of need, and available funding..

Please note this is only the end of this particular opportunity. The Artist Relief Project community stands strong, and we will continue to explore future fundraising and funding initiatives for artists impacted by COVID-19.
Stay updated on this initiative and future opportunities via our website and by following our pages on Facebook and Instagram.

Eligibility and Criteria

The needs-based funding initiative has been organized to help artists facing dire financial circumstances due to the COVID-19 crisis. Support from this initiative will be provided to artists facing financial emergencies in which they have lost or are in danger of losing access to essentials such as housing, medicine, and food.
Any adult individual pursuing the arts as a career (any discipline, any level of experience) whose financial well-being has been impacted by the COVID19 crisis may request support. Applicants must be able to demonstrate (1) they are a practicing artist committed to pursuing a career in the arts and (2) they have been negatively financially impacted by the COVID19 crisis.


This initiative will be funded using the power of social media sharing to crowdsource and collectively raise funds through our GoFundMe campaign. We request applicants to share the fundraiser on their social media platforms to help spread awareness about the initiative.
We hope to help as many artists in need as possible through this initiative, but the number of recipients depends on the amount of funding raised.
The more money we raise, the more requests for support we can fulfill.
We may increase our fundraising goal as it progresses so that we may help as many people as possible during these uncertain times, and we request that you help by continuing to spread word of this initiative with your networks and connections.


Funds raised will offer relief to artists in two ways: (1) in the short term in the form of cash relief of $200 and (2) in the longer term in the form of programs and resources to support artists as they continue to pursue the arts as a career during this pandemic.

As on-ground events may continue to be cancelled or postponed for several weeks ahead, our hope is that we will help artists develop long-term economic solutions and sustainable sources of income to support their livelihood currently in crisis.

Any adult individual pursuing the arts as a career (any discipline, any level of experience) whose financial well-being has been impacted by COVID19-related cancellations and closures may apply for assistance. There are currently no geographic restrictions.

The only requirements are (1) you demonstrate you’re an artist by sharing verifiable proof  of your dedication to a career in the arts (such as a website, social media channel, and/ or resume, where applicable), (2) you explain the financial emergencies you are facing due to the COVID19 crisis, and (3) you help generate more awareness about this initiative by sharing the GoFundMe fundraiser on your social media platforms.

Sorry, but stipends and support from this initiative are not available to groups or organizations.

Apply by filling out the Needs-Based Request for Support Form.

The application asks some basic questions, such as how you’ve been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, and for some basic documentation, such as a resume/ website to demonstrate you are a practicing artist and a screenshot that you have shared the fundraiser with your networks.

Upon submission of your application, you will receive an email confirmation. Please note this opportunity is dependent on the amount of funds raised. We are collecting donations to help as many people as possible as quickly as possible, but please do not rely on this as an immediate or guaranteed source of relief.

This initiative depends on using the power of social media and crowdsourcing to collect donations from the greater community. By sharing with your networks and inviting your connections to the fundraiser, you are helping to raise awareness about the campaign and potentially solicit more donations. The number of people we can help is directly dependent on the amount of funding we raise.

Please share and invite your friends, family, and network to support ARTIST RELIEF PROJECT ON GOFUNDME.

No. This initiative is dependent on the amount of funds raised and the number of eligible applications received. There is a possibility we do not raise enough funds to be able to help all the qualified applicants who have requested support. Please do not depend on this initiative as an immediate or guaranteed source of relief.

Upon submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation email that your application has been received.  If you are still concerned about whether we received your application, you can email us at [email protected].

We will begin notifying applicants of their status via email 2 to 6 weeks after the application period closes. For privacy reasons, we will not publicly disclose the names of recipients, but we will announce how much funding has been distributed and how many artists have been helped.

We will begin distributing funds 2 to 6 weeks after the application period closes. Recipients will be selected based on extent of need, and the number of recipients depends on how much funding is raised.

Funds will be transferred via Paypal or mailed via paper check, as applicable. (Note: Applicants outside of the U.S. must provide a valid Paypal account, as we cannot mail checks internationally.)

Artist Relief Project is an initiative by Artly World, a registered 501c3 nonprofit based in Austin, TX. Artly World provides free arts and music programs to underserved communities and beneficial resources and opportunities to artists, musicians, and performers to share their work with a broader audience.

After seeing the devastating impact of COVID19-related cancellations and closures on people working in the arts industry, Artly World set up a fundraiser to collect funds that would directly benefit affected artists, musicians, and performers.

All funds from the fundraiser will directly benefit artists in the form of cash relief and resources to support their continued pursuit of the arts as a career. We are a registered 501c3 nonprofit who is donating their time and resources to this project.

Yes. Artly World is a registered 501c3 nonprofit, and all donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

If you cannot find the answer you’re looking for here, you can reach out to us at [email protected] with questions or concerns.