Artist Relief Project FAQs

Artist Relief Project continues actively exploring additional funding and fundraising opportunities to help as many artists as possible. Stay updated on future initiatives via our website and by following our pages on Facebook and Instagram.

The Community-Driven Initiative

Artist Relief Project is a community-driven endeavor that began by using the power of social media sharing to collectively raise funds to support artists whose financial well-being was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. We owe the success of this endeavor to the support of the greater community in spreading awareness about this initiative and joining together to help one another through this crisis.

Our mission is to help as many artists as possible overcome the professional challenges they are currently facing. We will continue pursuing various fundraising and funding initiatives so that we may help as many people as possible, and we kindly request you to help by continuing to spread word of this initiative with your networks and connections.


Artist Relief Project offers support to artists in two ways: (1) in the short term in the form of needs-based emergency cash relief grants and (2) in the longer term in the form of programs and resources to support artists to continue pursuing sustainable economic opportunities in their respective disciplines.

Any support we provide is dependent on available funding. We continue to offer free professional development programs and resources to any artist who requests support. You can signup for these programs at this link. We are currently not accepting new applications for cash relief support.

Any individual pursuing the arts as a career (any discipline, any level of experience) whose professional and/ or financial well-being has been impacted may request support. There are currently no geographic limitations.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate they are a practicing artist committed to pursuing a career in their respective disciplines. We also ask that those who request support to let us know more about the professional challenges they are currently facing and to join the communal efforts to spread awareness about the initiative by sharing the Project on their social media channels.

Sorry, but support from this initiative is not available to groups or organizations.

To take advantage of ARP’s free programs and resources, you must be an ARP member (membership is free and open to artists in any discipline). Request membership via the ARP Membership Request form on the Programs page.

To inquire about financial support specifically, fill out a request using the Request Support link at the top of the page. We are currently not accepting new requests for cash relief support.

The forms ask some basic questions about the professional challenges you are currently facing and for some basic documentation, such as a resume and/ or website to demonstrate your status as a working artist, musician, performer, or creative.

Any practicing artist who requests support can sign up to take advantage of the free online professional development programs and resources offered by Artist Relief Project. The only requirement is ARP Membership (membership is free and open to artists in any discipline), which you can request at this link.

You can view and register for programs that are currently being offered on our website at this link, which is updated often.

You will receive an email confirmation upon submission of your request. If you are still concerned about whether we received your request, you can email us at [email protected].

Note: The number of artists we can support with cash relief grants is dependent on available funding. We are currently not accepting new applications for cash relief support.

Applicants who receive cash support will be notified by email. For privacy reasons, we will not publicly disclose the names of recipients, but we will post receipts and artist testimonies to our social media channels. Follow our progress in the Story Highlights on our Instagram channel.

Because we are committed to our promise of confidentiality to artist applicants, we will not publicly disclose names of artists who have received financial support. BUT we are posting anonymous artist testimonies and receipts of funds transfers on our social media channels. Visit our Instagram Story Highlights to view receipts and read accounts from artists who have received financial support from Artist Relief Project.

If you have the means, donate to Artist Relief Project to support artists and the arts. Every little bit helps. But there are also many ways you can help beyond monetary contributions:

  • Share/ post about Artist Relief Project on social media with a personal message about why this initiative matters to you.
  • Invite people in your network to donate.
  • Like & Follow Artist Relief Project on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Email us with feedback/ suggestions on how we can do better to support artists: [email protected]

Yes. Artly World, the organization behind Artist Relief Project, is registered 501c3 nonprofit, and all donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

All funds will benefit artists in the form of programs, grants, and resources to support artists as they continue pursuing the arts as a professional endeavor.

The Artist Relief Project is an initiative by Artly World, a registered 501c3 nonprofit based in Austin, TX. Artly World provides free arts and music programs to underserved communities and beneficial resources and opportunities to artists, musicians, and performers to share their work with a broader audience.

After seeing the devastating impact of COVID19-related cancellations and closures on people working in the arts industry, Artly World organized a fundraising intiative to collect funds that would directly benefit affected artists, musicians, and performers.

If you cannot find the answer you’re looking for here, you can reach out to us at [email protected] with questions or concerns.