Meet the Presenter

Socks Whitmore

Meet the Presenter, Socks Whitmore

Performer, Composer, Storyteller
B.F.A, Performer-Composer

Socks Whitmore is an agender/gender non-conforming performer, composer, and storyteller rooted in voice and text. A self-described “professional overachiever,” Socks likes to keep busy—if they’re not recording VO or writing a new musical, they can be found working on choral music, indie games, short fiction, or amassing large amounts of socks. Their work as an accessibility-forward social media and digital content manager can be seen on their own accounts as well as the pages for Transgender Talent, Key Change Ensemble, CalArts CVE, and more. And for those who are curious, they hold a BFA Performer-Composer degree from the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) with minors in Digital Arts and Creative Writing. Learn more at or follow them on social media @SocksWhitmore.