Meet the Presenter

Dannie Snyder

Meet the presenter, Dannie Snyder

Interdisciplinary Artivist and Educator
M.A., American Studies
B.A., Theater with music minor
B.A., Film and Video Studies

DANNIE SNYDER (she/her) is an interdisciplinary artivist and educator whose aim is to foster important dialogues and thriving communities that will shape our own Roaring 20s of the 21st Century. She has a Master’s in American Studies, which focused on the important role of arts in society and culture, two Bachelors of Arts in Theatre and Film, and trainings in variety of subjects including Servant Leadership, Anti-Racism/Discrimination, Restorative/Transformative Justice, Cultural Responsiveness, Growth Mindset, and Social/Emotional Learning. While she only received a modest minor in music, percussion performance has always been her strongest passion, even while she ran LIV Creations for five years, a limited liability company that produced nine plays and films. Her personal mission is to uplift the voices of BIPOC and LGBTQ2+ artists, decentering whiteness and straight/cisgender stories in the arts. For instance, she recently published her book ARTIVISM OF RETURNING CITIZENS, which interviews Artist Activists of the Nation’s Capital who are impacting the Prison Abolition Movement. To learn more about her work in art and activism, such as her podcast on artivism Re – Flect / Calibrate, visit and follow @DannieSnyder on Instagram.

At ARP, Dannie leads creative professional development courses on themes relating to Artivism, Creative Fundraising, Grants, Creative Marketing, Social Media and Newsletter Campaigns, and more. She also facilitates small group networking and strategy sessions and leads one-on-one professional and creative consultations for active ARP members.

Members who attend Dannie’s workshops may continue the conversation about any of the topics she addresses during her presentations by requesting a one-on-one meeting with Dannie at this link.